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Visual Calendar for Joomla!:
Visual Calendar for Joomla! is based in a fully tested and stable calendars developed initially for Web sites created using Dreamweaver.
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Visual Calendar for Joomla!

This Visual Calendar for Joomla! is a visual calendar for websites that use Joomla CMS. With this Joomla calendar you can visually associate information to date ranges or individual dates. That information will be displayed on the page in form of floating panels, allowing you to place a large amount of data in a compact space.

This calendar is available as a Joomla component and also as a Joomla module and Joomla plugin, this way you can show your content in full size on a separate page, linked to Home, but also in your sidebar, in form of a smaller calendar, which can be displayed in several sections of your website, in the center of a web content accessible from the menu of your Web. Naturally, if in your Joomla Template you have reserved other areas for modules, the calendar can be placed in any of these areas too, or in all of them. The calendar administration is now also available from the frontend (publishing it as component+administration).


The following demo shows quickly (without having to login at a Joomla) how the calendar's Admin works. Note that when you manage your calendar, there is no need to refresh the page: everything is done using Ajax connections, which communicate with your web server transparently, making it easier to use.

The steps to edit a new entry in the calendar are:

  • Adding an event:
    • Place the calendar in "ADD" mode by clicking on the link / button "Add" at the base of the calendar. This mode is enabled by default.
    • Then click on the first day of your event and then on the final day, at this point a panel will open up so that you can enter all the information about the event.
  • Editing an event:
    • Place the calendar in "EDIT" mode by clicking on the link / button "EDIT" at the base of the calendar.
    • A panel will open up that will allow you to edit existing event data.
  • Deleting an event: With the calendar in "EDIT" mode, click on the event and then click on "Delete" button that appears in the editing panel.
  • Reviewing the list of events: You can use the vertical button "Events" to have a quick look at all the calendar events or just those of the current month.

Note: Further down on this page you can see an example of this calendar on an online site.

Administration demo:

Note: To see the administration changes applied into the "public" calendar below you must refresh this page.

Calendar on a public site:

On your website, the calendar could be published as a component in the central part of your page, or as a module in the sidebar of one or more sections of your site. The following are examples of what it could look like:

Here's an example of how your users could see the calendar (published as Joomla Module):

Calendar on a public site published as Joomla Component:

Click here to go to a page containing a demo of the public calendar as Joomla component.

Calendar on a public site published as Joomla Plugin:

It's pretty similar to the one published as Joomla Module but in this case it can be placed into an article. If you want to modify the calendar width and/or height please check this FAQ entry.


Works with Joomla! 1.5.x, Joomla! 1.6.x, Joomla! 1.7.x, Joomla! 2.5.x and the new Joomla! 3.x.

Note: If you need the product for another version of Joomla, please request it here.

Screenshots / Videos:

Click the following links to see the related videos:


After you downloaded the calendar, the first thing to do is to install the component in your Joomla. Go to Joomla's Administration, select Menu > Extensions > Install, and upload the file - the whole process is completed in one step.

Once the file is uploaded, go to Menu>> Components, and there should be a new item called "Visual Calendar" - now you can:

  1. Create a new Visual calendar using the button "New", which is on the top bar;
  2. Publish the calendar you just created by clicking on the button that appears in the list or the button on the top bar;
  3. Click on "Admin Data" and enter the information you want.

Now, if you want to publish it as a component:

  1. Go to Menu>> Menus, in the chosen menu click on "New";
  2. Choose "Visual Calendar";
  3. Enter the name of the entry iton the menu and other Joomla's basic data;
  4. In the parameters (Important!), select the calendar you want to link to this entry and the language in which you want to show the public calendar.

Note: The calendar is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Japanese.

If you wish to publish it as a module:

  1. Install the module's package in Joomla (usually in Menus>> Extensions>> Install)
  2. Go to the Module Manager (usually in Menus>> Extensions), select "Visual Calendar" and indicate in the parameters which calendar to display, in what language and the rest of the classical Joomla's configuration data, that allows you to select the exact location of the module, etc.

If you wish to publish it as a plugin (into an article):

  1. Install the two plugin packages (button plugin and content plugin) in Joomla (usually in Menus>> Extensions>> Install)
  2. Go to the Plugin Manager (usually in Menus >> Extensions) and enable the "Content - Visual Calendar" and "Editor Button - Visual Calendar"
  3. Now go to any article (Content >> Article Manager) and use the button named "Visual Calendar" (located below the editor area) to insert the calendar. You will be asked to select the calendar that you want to insert. That's all, save your article and check it at the front-end.

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Note: Licensed under GNU GPL.