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Contact form with PayPal for Joomla

Contact form with PayPal for Joomla is a Joomla extension that allows to create web contact forms and to connect them with a PayPal payment process.

Once the user has filled the contact form fields and click the submit button the posted data is saved into the Joomla database and the user is automatically redirected to PayPal to complete a payment. After completed the payment the website administrator (the email indicated from the settings) will receive an email with the form data and the user will receive a confirmation/thank you email.

Both the paid and unpaid forms sent will appear in the WordPress settings area with the mark of "Paid" or "Not Paid" so you can check all the details and contact the user if needed.

This WordPress plugin is useful for different types of contact forms, booking forms, consultation services, payments for joining events or paid support.


Basically, the main features are:

  • Supports many contact forms into the same WP website, each one with its own prices and settings.
  • Allows checking the messages for both paid and un-paid submissions.
  • You can customize the notification email details, including from address, subject and content.
  • Easy setup of the PayPal payment, basically just indicate the price and email linked to the PayPal account. There are optional fields for language and currency settings.
  • Includes optional captcha verification.
  • Supports discount codes/coupons.
  • Optionally you can disable the PayPal payment requirement to use it as a classic contact form.
  • Supports HTML formatted emails
  • Can be tested with the PayPal Sandbox
  • Upload fields included / upload processing
  • Can be setup for recurrent payments / subscriptions
  • Accepts optional prices on selectable fields, for example dropdown, checkboxes and radio buttons. Selected prices will be added to the total to bill (*)
  • Exports the submissions to CSV/Excel
  • Includes an advanced Form Builder that lets you to customize the form and field validations.

Note(I): You can use the Contact form with PayPal for Joomla to have any number of forms into the same website, but each particular web page can have just one form at the same time.

Note(II): We also offer similar products for Dreamweaver and for WordPress.


contact form list contact form settings

Form Builder Demo:


This Contact form with PayPal for Joomla has been designed to be used with Joomla! 3.x.

If you aren't using Joomla then you may be interested in our PayPal Payment Form Dreamweaver Extension and in our CP Contact form with PayPal WordPress Plugin.

Installation and Use - Instructions:

Download the extension "Contact form with PayPal for Joomla", then proceed to the installation. To install the component in Joomla! you will need to access the Joomla! Administration menu, once there, follow the path Menu > Extensions > Install/Uninstall, select "Browse" and look for the previously downloaded file. Hit the "Upload File & Install" button.

Once the extension has been installed, you will be able to set up the component. To do so, follow path Menu > Components and select "Contact form with PayPal for Joomla" component. You will be displayed the following options:

  1. Create a new "Form" using "New" button, located on the top bar.
  2. Mark it as published by selecting Publish to the List or "Publish" button on the top bar (other steps are required to publish it in the frontend, see below).
  3. Edit the "Form" by using the edit button it by clicking into the form.

You should start adding your own form. For your convenience a classic contact form will be automatically built, so you can save time.

Publish the form as a component:

  1. Go to Menu and click on "New" button.
  2. Select "Contact form with PayPal for Joomla".
  3. Add the menu name and Joomla basic parameters.
  4. IMPORTANT: In the parameters select the form you want to link to the menu.

Configuration Fields for the Forms:

Each form has the following configuration fields:

  • Title: Some name to identify the form on the admin area.
  • Published: Published status of the form.
  • Form Builder: This area contains the form builder that allows adding/editing/deleting the form fields, validation rules and some layout options.
  • Form Processing / Email Settings:
    • "From" email: Email used as from for the emails.
    • Destination emails: Administrators that will receive the emails. To enter multiple emails separate them with a comma.
    • Email subject: Subject for the notification email.
    • Include additional information?: Option to include the IP address and browser/user-agent information of the user that filled the form.
    • Thank you page: Address of the page shown to the user after sending the message, in most cases it should be a "thank you" or "confirmation page".
    • Message: Text of the message that will receive the administrators. Keep the tag %INFO% intact since it will be replaced with the data posted by the user.
  • PayPal Payment Configuration:
    • Enable Paypal Payments: Allows to enable/disable the Paypal payment option (available only in "pro" version). It also allows to let the user select if will use PayPal or not.
    • When should be sent the notification-confirmation emails?: Select if you want to receive the email before or after receiving the PayPal payment.
    • Paypal mode: Select here if you want to process real payments (production mode) or you want to test the form with the PayPal Sandbox.
    • Paypal email: The email of the Paypal that will receive the payments.
    • Request cost: Payment amount requested to confirm a booking.
    • Automatically identify prices on dropdown and checkboxes? If marked, any price in the selected checkboxes, radiobuttons and dropdown fields will be added to the above request cost. Prices will be identified if are entered in the format $NNNN.NN, example: $30 , $24.99 and also $1,499.99
    • Use a specific field from the form for the payment amount: If selected, any price in the selected field will be added to the above request cost. Use this field for example for having an open donation amount.
    • Currency: The currency, example: USD, EUR, GBP, etc...
    • Taxes (percent): Taxes percent to apply at PayPal, if any.
    • Request address at PayPal: Select if you want to request the customer address at PayPal.
    • A $0 amount to pay means: Select "skip payment" for accepting 100% discount codes or select "let the user enter any amount" for accepting donations or open payment amounts.
    • Paypal product name: The name that will appear to the customer at Paypal.
    • Paypal language: The language that will be used for the Paypal payment. It's any Paypal supported language.
    • Payment frequency: Select here if you will be requesting a one-time payment or a recurrent/subscription payment
    • Discount Codes: Use this section to define the accepted discount codes and the discount percent. A 100% discount means that the payment isn't required (available only in "pro" version).
  • Email Copy to User
    • Send confirmation/thank you message to user?: Enable or disable this option.
    • Email field on the form: Identifies the field of the form where the user will enter his/her email address.
    • Email subject: Subject for the email that will receive the user.
    • Message: Text of the message that will receive the user. Keep the tag %INFO% intact since it will be replaced with the data posted by the user.
  • Validation Settings
    • "is required" text: Text used for the required fields validation.
    • "is email" text: Text used for the email validations.
    • "is valid captcha" text: Text used for the captcha image verification (indicates that a wrong captcha code was entered).
    • "is valid date (mm/dd/yyyy)" text: Text used for data validation with format mm/dd/yyyy.
    • "is valid date (dd/mm/yyyy)" text: Text used for data validation with format dd/mm/yyyy.
    • "is number" text: Text used for number validations.
    • "only digits" text: Text used for digit only fields (example: phone numbers).
    • "under maximum" text: Text used for number range validations.
    • "over minimum" text: Text used for number range validations.
  • Captcha Verification
    • Use Captcha Verification?: Enable or disable the captcha image.
    • Width: Width of the captcha image.
    • Height: Height of the captcha image.
    • Chars: Number of characters to identify into the image.
    • Min font size: Minimum font size for the characters to be identified.
    • Max font size: Maximum font size for the characters to be identified.
    • Preview: Preview of the captcha image based in the specified settings.
    • Noise: Amount of noise to be generated into the image.
    • Noise Length: Length of the noise, this will modify the image appareance.
    • Background: Background color used for the image.
    • Border: Border color used for the image.
    • Font: Font type that will be used as base for rendering the texts. There are four fonts already included. The font color will be randomized.

Need more? We offer customizations to this extension from a fee as low as us$25. If you want some feature not currently present in the product don't hesitate to contact us to request it.

Instant Download

Basic Version
  • Feature limited.
  • Doesn't include the form builder.
  • Doesn't allow to use it without PayPal
Direct download link.
No registration required.
Unzip the downloaded file to select the installers for the Joomla version that you are using.
Professional Version
USD $49.99
  • Full featured, no restrictions.
  • Visual form builder included.
  • Can be used also as a contact form.
  • Includes upload fields
  • Can be setup for recurrent payments / subscriptions
  • Can be setup for accepting donations
  • Additional PayPal settings
  • Accepts optional prices on selectable fields
  • Supports coupon/discount codes
  • PayPal Sandbox available
  • Includes 60 days of technical support.
Preferred payment method:
After payment you will be redirected to download and the download link will be emailed to the payment address.

Note: Licensed under GNU GPL.